Fire Safety Assessment And Fire Risk Assessment

Enhance building safety while adhering to fire safety assessments and regulations.

Our comprehensive fire safety assessments are required for fire safety regulations compliance and are conducted using the PAS 79 format. Improve your building's safety and feel confident that you are meeting your legal obligations while keeping your employees and visitors as safe as possible. We are a BAFE SP205 accredited company therefore the responsible person will be deemed to have carried out their due diligence to contract a competent person to carry out their fire risk assessments.

Fire Safety Evaluation & Services

Understanding potential risks and improving fire safety precautions are the goals of a fire risk assessment. When in charge of a construction project, it is critical to ensure the safety of both employees and visitors. Your legal responsibility is to reduce the risk of fire in the workplace to keep employees safe. A fire risk assessment can help to ensure this.

How do we conduct fire safety assessments?

A fire risk consultant will conduct a fire risk assessment while considering the risk to people in the building. The risk assessment will identify the hazards and provide a detailed breakdown of the corrective action needed to resolve the issue and advice on best practices and management issues.

As a result, assessments are carried out in five distinct steps:

  • Determine the fire hazards.
  • Determine who is at risk.
  • Risks should be evaluated, eliminated, or reduced.
  • Record findings, create an emergency plan and train employees.
  • The fire risk assessment should be reviewed and updated regularly.

Our assessor will inspect and review the site for potential fire hazards or risks. They will review and assess the situation, record any findings, and advise on fire prevention.

We will identify people who are at risk and then evaluate or reduce the risks. The risk assessor can also help update and review fire risk assessments regularly, prepare emergency plans, and provide training to all employees. We can prevent loss of life and property damage and maintain business continuity.

What is involved in Fire safety assessment?

Fire safety systems are intended to protect both people and property. To mitigate the risk and prevent loss of life or assets in the event of a fire, it is critical to have a management fire policy in place, supported by a thorough maintenance and inspection program.

A fire Safety evaluation covers a wide variety of areas, Including:

  • Obtaining relevant information about the building and the processes carried out in the building
  • Determination of measures for the elimination or control of the identified fire hazards.
  • To make an assessment of the likelihood of fire.
  • To determine the physical fire protection measures required or in place for the protection of people in the event of fire.
  • To determine the relevant information about the fire safety management procedures in place.
  • To make an assessment of the likely consequences to occupants in the event of fire.
  • To make an assessment of the fire risk and to decide if the fire risk is tolerable
  • To formulate an action plan, this is necessary to address shortcomings in fire precautions.
  • Suitability of the system for fire detection and warning
  • Suitability of the methods of escape
  • Suitability of the firefighting equipment is provided.
  • Suitability of the emergency preparation and training
  • Fire safety equipment maintenance and testing