Fire risk Assessor And Fire Risk Assessment

The fire risk assessor is expected to be a competent person and the fire risk assessor has a duty of care to the Responsible Person of the premises on which the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 imposes a requirement for the written fire risk assessment.

The ultimate responsibility for the adequacy of the fire risk assessment rests with the Responsible Person of the premises rather than with the fire risk assessor. This is why it is important that a competent fire risk assessor is appointed to carry out your fire risk assessments. It is therefore recommended that you use a certificated third-party provider of which CSAR Fire Ltd is a BAFE SP205 accredited company.

BAFE manages and maintains the BAFE SP205 scheme, which addresses life safety fire risk assessment. This scheme provides high-quality, independent evidence that providers are qualified to provide fire risk assessment services. As stated earlier, the ultimate responsibility for the adequacy of the fire risk assessment rests with the Responsible Person of the premises therefore, to be deemed to have carried out their due diligence to contract a competent person to carry out their fire risk assessments, the use of a BAFE SP205 company would support this.

We are added to the BAFE Fire Safety Register online, which will enable all users searching for Third Party Certificated BAFE Registered Companies for Fire Risk Assessment services to access our information. This can be carried out by and searching by our Scheme Registration Certificate Number which is 302783.

Employers and other persons who have control of premises are required by legislation to carry out an assessment of the fire risks to occupants of buildings, and to other people in the vicinity of the buildings. This is to ensure that these people are safe from fire and its effects. For the purposes of completing the written fire risk assessment we use the PAS 79 format which is the industry standard, and the standard required by the BAFE SP205 registration.


The fire risk assessment needs to take into account the fire risk assessor`s opinion of the likelihood of various fire scenarios, the extent of injury that could occur to occupants in these scenarios, and the number of people that could be affected. The assessment is principally based on the fire risk assessor`s findings which will be discussed with the responsible person at the time of the assessment. The assessment will include an action plan for the responsible person of any shortcomings that needs to be addressed and a timescale indication of when the items need to be put into place.

Upon the completion of your fire risk assessment we will issue an approved Certificate of Conformity that CSAR Fire Ltd has applied the standards required by BAFE SP205 in undertaking your fire risk assessment. This certificate can be printed and displayed within your premises as a clear statement that you have had a fire risk assessment carried out by a competent life safety fire risk assessor and a registered BAFE SP205 company.