Fire Consultant And Fire Engineer Consultant

Fire consultant is an essential person during the design and alterations of all premises. A fire consultant is much more than just following instructions. This type of engineering protects a system, its occupants, and the surrounding community.

In an increasingly complex world, we apply our experience and expertise to provide fire consultancy and services to address fire safety concerns and issues normally raised by the local Building Control and The Fire and Rescue Service.

During the early stages of development, we can help prepare a fire strategy review to identify any risks that may be discovered during the pre-planning phase. Our professional fire consultant has over 45 years of experience preparing complex schemes and is known for his ability to work with compliance and design issues.

Fire Consultant Services

Following the construction or alterations carried out within a premises we carry out fire risk assessments to provide tenants, building owners, and occupants with guidance on the various risk levels in a building and the actions required to address these issues. By doing so, business owners/responsible individuals ensure that the building is in compliance and that the risk of further enforcement actions by the regulating authorities is reduced.

Our experts can include provide fire protection advice during the design phase. We also provide information covering the requirements of fire alarms, emergency lighting, signage, extinguishers, fire doors and protection for means of escape of persons.


Fire safety management is critical for protecting property, lives, the environment, and the workplace. Fires can have long-term adverse effects on property, as well as on a company's reputation and profitability.

On the other hand, business owners who choose to use the services of a fire safety company will have access to a team of experts who are trained to assist clients in making the best decisions for ensuring fire safety while being more proactive in risk management.

A fire management system is a detailed plan for managing fire safety. It gathers all the documentation that an owner/responsible person will require in one location. A fire management system may include the following components:

  • A plan for evacuation
  • Smoke and fire control strategy
  • Fire protection strategy
  • Firefighting strategy for the premises
  • Advice on disabled persons safety in fire.

A fire safety company can design and plan the necessary procedures to keep occupants safe and minimize fire risks. When a building has a comprehensive fire management system, the responsible person/owner can be confident that the building complies and that assets and lives will be saved in the event of a fire.