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Trevor Lumbard GIFireE
Trevor Lumbard GIFireE
Ex Senior Fire Service fire safety officer with over 30 years Fire Safety experience.

Fire Risk Assessments are to be carried out by a competent person. Our fire risk assessors have served in excess of 30 years in the Fire Service and have dealt with all types of fire related legislation including petroleum.

We always guarantee our fire safety risk assessment therefore in the unlikely event that the fire authority is unhappy with any aspect of the premises; we would work closely with you and the fire service to resolve the differences of opinion. This would not incur any additional charges for our consultancy time.

All our fire risk assessors have passed the 12 week Specialist Fire Safety Course at the Fire Services College and hold the Graduate membership of the Institute of Fire Engineers.

All of our fire safety assessors have Fire Service backgrounds and are experienced in carrying out fire risk assessments ensuring you comply with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005. We have carried out fire risk assessments in a wide range of premises from large factories, offices, listed stately homes, hospitals to block of flats.

Our team includes an AutoCAD technician who can produce floor plans of your premises which details all the fire safety provisions that is provided. This greatly assists the fire officers when auditing your premises as they can immediately see the fire safety arrangements provided.

An example of a fire risk assessment drawing showing all the fire safety arrangements in place. This will greatly assist any fire inspector visiting your premises in understanding how the premises complies with the required legislation. The plan can also be laminated and used for firefighter safety in the event of an incident. Example is attached here.

Fire-fighter safety is extremely important in the event of the Fire Service attending your premises. Laminated plans of the premises greatly assists fire-fighters in carrying out their tasks quickly, safely and in an organised manner which we can provided where necessary.